Sun Ye is No.1 choice to go skiing with

Wonder Girls member, Min Sun Ye was recently named the number one choice by voters in a survey to find out “Which female singer you want to go skiing with” as she collected 1368 votes (34.62%).

3952 votes were collected in the survey done from January 3rd to 9th. A statement from JukeOn website read, “Many voters felt that if they choose Sun Ye, they would be able to see other members of Wonder Girls as well. This survey reflects the immense popularity that the Wonder Girls currently enjoy.”  Second place went to Younha who collected 956 votes (24.19%) thanks to her song, “Comet” which is well-received by fans.

Third in the survey was SeeYa member, Nam Gyu Ri who got 782 votes (19.79%), fourth was Koyote member, Shinji with 483 votes (12.22%) while Han Young from LPG rounded up the top five with 363 votes (9.19%).


5 thoughts on “Sun Ye is No.1 choice to go skiing with

  1. Yay…going anywhere with Sun Ye is fine haha… 🙂
    But except Han Young (i don’t know her), all above are my fav female singers.
    Younha is so cute and Shinji is funny…eventhough NGR is beautiful, prefer Boram.

    But how come Younha is the second place when she only has 486 votes and NGR has 782 votes in third place?

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