So Hee style – Ahn Chic Pose (So Hee Interview)

Her pretty appearance and sweet smile image has made her the darling of the media even though she sometimes look pissed despite a smile on her chubby face. When she pouts, she has a blank look on her face. So Hee embarassingly said, “There are many who knows how to smile, but I do not know. And because there’s no expression on my face, people take it the wrong way.”

Since “Tell Me” mania made them famous last year, they have to always have a smile on their faces at all times. Despite not being much of a talker during shows, So Hee has managed to garnered quite a following thanks to her looks.

So Hee has a different charisma compared to the other members because she always looks so detached from the world and cold to people around her. Last year, her fans created a “Ahn Chic Song” for her and named it as “Ahn So Hee’s theme song”. It became a hot favourite on UCC channels. And the moniker, “Ahn Chic” became a popular term just like “Mandu So Hee” The song is about So Hee’s unique and introverted character and the lyrics talks about how hard it is to see her smile and how precious it is when you do see her smile.

Despite not knowing if this song was done by a fan or anti-fan, So Hee replied, “After the lyrics were added, the video became very interesting, I treasure this fan present and sometimes sing along to it with my friends.”

So Hee debut movie, “I Like It Hot” will be showing soon and she plays a high school girl who is experiencing puberty and lives together with her mum (Lee Mi Sook) and aunt (Kim Min Hee). The 6th grade student who grew up watching and imitating Moon Geun Young singing and dancing in her shows in the past has now become a new generation star herself at sweet 16.

Q. In the movie, you had scenes where you brought Kim Bum back home to have “bodily contact” and also some kissing scenes with a fellow female student, how did you do that?

A. Just like in the movie, when I meet with my friends, we would often talk about, “Have you hold hands?” “Is it awkward with just the two of you?”. Then for the kissing scenes with a girl, my initial intention was that it was simply mouth-to-mouth and nothing more. It was only after the director gave me some pointers before I knew how it should really be done.

Question and Answer

Q. How did you enter the entertainment industry?

A. I saw an audition advertisement while browsing the net when I was in junior school 6th year and I went to JYP with my sister. My parents since I was little, like to let me perform in front of people in the form of singing and dancing. I can’t remember exactly what I did during the audition but I did a BOA song and also took to imitating Moon Geun Young because her drama, “My Little Bride” was airing then.

(When asked how did she being a junior school 6th year student have thoughts about going to the audition alone, she replied, “Kids mature early.”)

Q. Was it tiring at school since your entertainer lifestyle has been pretty hectic?

A. All of us never played truant and practically attended school daily. We normally attend just one hour of lesson and if we did not have any schedule that day, we would have a full-day at school. I place great importance on my studies even though my results are average. I was pretty sad because my grades slipped. After our debut, after school, we had about 5, 6 hours of dance training and there’s also vocal lessons as well. Before and after our debut, we also had lots of Chinese lessons. I am still happy despite all this tough training because I am doing it together with my friends.

Q. Any modules you excel in at school?

A. Nope. Although I like music, but never got a distinction for that. Dance and athletics are two different things. My actions are very stiff. My favourite lesson is English. Have been reading “Papillon” recently because my parents have been asking me to read books.

Q. Do you go online often? Fans often write good and bad things about you.

A. I often think of it in a positive manner. Reporters often twist the words I say and report it as they like it, but I don’t hold a grudge against them. I always say things that I am comfortable with because I have already decided to. As everyone know, I am still a teen and everyone is the same to me, so I never thought of being careful with my words. But I know this in turn leads to people getting misunderstanding me.

Q. What would you like to do with your friends?

A. Love to eat together at home for example, like fried rice or Vietnamese vercimilli. Cooking rice is more difficult than I thought. I don’t really talk about stuff that I do in the entertainment industry with my friends.

Q. What are you most concerned with during movie filming?

A. The director will always tell me that I have to do my actions more wholeheartedly instead of going through the motions. This is something that I am unfamiliar with and I need to work harder at this.

Q. Do you style (clothing) yourself?

A. Dislike bright clothing or wear too much accessories. I like simple clothing.

Q. What kind of singer/actress do you hope to be?

A. Someone with character. So that no matter what role I am in, people will say, “It’s so Ahn So Hee, Ahn So Hee style.” My favourite stars are Jeon Do Yeon, Park Hae Il and Bae Doo Na. If they appear in front of me, my eyes will only be fixated on them. Their potrayals are so good and viewers admire them like me. I also admire Beyonce after seeing her concert last year.

Q. Any plans since you are entering high school this year?

A. Hope to spend my time there normally. Go to the canteen with my friends. Brush up on my singing and acting skills. Hope that I will become more sensible. I will try my best to repay all the love I received last year to everyone this year.


50 thoughts on “So Hee style – Ahn Chic Pose (So Hee Interview)

  1. ahn sohee unnie is the best unnie i ever see . antifan just too rush making a conclusion . you should see her before you talk bad about her ! she doesn’t deserve stupid comment from you cause she is a precious girl . antifan you should stand infront of the mirror before typing stupid comment !

  2. In my country say this: “Everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion!” and I keep strictly to that fact, so including me and my opinion too.

    I’m fully understands all she’s answers and also I fully agree with all, because I was be in her ages not some long ago.
    I don’t wish to say any bad things for her except one good and that is “Keep up the good work, much happy with career as same in your private life too!”

    I see her, listen her, like her and one big R E S P E C T ! !

    also “I hope to see you in my country too!”

    Live long and prosper 안소희!


  3. hey! So Hee haters, come and see me and I will bury you with your own words..F****** Noobs…

    Keep it up So Hee Ur 1 of a Kind….I Love You…

  4. Rain’s face was hideous in 70’s but now he’s one of the most handsome and sexiest male in the planet…

    Ahn Sohee will definitely reshape the taste of the western and pop culture.. and there’s no wonder if they already conquered south east asia….

    so dont let ur support down on Sohee for today she’s an idol and someday she will be a Goddess…

    antiFans… kip doin also wat u r doin… goddess needs demons like you.. you know”


  5. .. i see one message that says “Sohee is Rude”, before saying that she is rude, read your message again and you’ll see, you’re also rude .. :\

  6. LOL
    Anti’s don’t annoy me; stupid people do
    They hate So Hee because of false information >_>

    I don’t think it’s stupid to hate SNSD because there is so much information that can make them hated 😀

  7. i bet! this anti named anika is a korean! maybe she is so

    jealous of soo hee..

    what a shame for Korea..

    btw.. i hope that the wondergirls will visit Phiippines..

  8. what kind of attitude u are tryin to show here ‘ANTIFAN”????
    If you dont like her,then shut the fuck up!!!!!!why still bother to drop by and leave those kind of comments….and pliz bear in mind that not only korean are here dude!!!!!!!!u r just showing to the rest of the world the typical and naive korean…like who is fuckin care if you dont like her….she filled up the industry and you should be thankful that she did contribute to the raise and fame of Korea!!!!!!! what about you?????what have you done to make your nation proud of you???? you are just a pathetic insane little human,who thought of gainin attention by condemning others……

  9. wow
    all these anti fans are pathetic…they seem to not have a life cuz all they do is bash on celebrities. go talk smack on someone you ACTUALLY kno and not on someone that you havent actually met in real life. seriously all you anti fans sound stupid online and i bet you “antis” are assholes in real life. so i suggest you “antis” get a life.
    SoHee and WG come to San Diego California plox<3

  10. >>anika<< face it, u're just jealous that she gets to act with and even "kiss"(NOOOOOOO! T_T) your fav actor..

    But quit pouting in front of your moniter and get something done to your hideous face. So that you can face your fav actors.

    You claim that she is ugly… Looks who talking now.

    She portrayed herself in front of everyone while you only show your face to a lifeless moniter.

    Who is more pathetic? I think u needed the plastic suegery more than she does. Quit whining and get urself famous… IF your pathetic face allows you to.

  11. hope your career will break down bitch! your a plastic surgery patient!! cause your beauty sucks! that’s why you had a plastic surgery!! YOUR SO PATHETIC! POOR YOU!

  12. Omg!!!! dude.. anti-fans why the heck would you make fun of her appearings and judge her on her personality? If you hate her so much why bother making bad comments on her and read this?? go take pictures of your ugly self and get lost! Just cuz you’re jealous of her cute face doesn’t mean you can go around cursing her!! Anyways… she’s the best and im proud of her for trying so hard to present herself with her amazing talents and her cute face to ppl like you, anti-fans!

  13. so hee is so attractive. 🙂 she may look cold at times, however, i strongly believe that she is warm in the inside. I think she doesn’t know how to express herself. Anyway, she’s the best among the others!

  14. ahahs i find it funny that she has antifans. forget about those fuckers. They make her strong as ever. i dont know why they call themselves a wonder girls fan. THEY are such a disgrace ahahs. fucking shitheads.


  15. they’re IDOLS for crying out loud.. they don’t have to be singing divas. what they need most is charm and charisma.. and so hee has that. if you hate her so much then why are you reading this anyway? sore loser.

  16. To those “antifans” why do you bother wasting your time on this site conplaining about her.
    Like okai thats cool you don’t like her music and all that but I would honestly like to see you doing something better.
    Ohh and you called her fat what are you anorexic?
    or are you fat and just jelouse?
    You scream pathetic if you complain about how bad she is don’t you have sometihng better to do?

    So hee your adorabubble come to Australia.

  17. So Hee is so amazing and mature. I just love her answer: Kids mature early.
    By the way, could I translate this interview into Vietnamese and post it on the Wonder Girls Vietnamese fansite: I’m really glad if you allow me to translate this.
    Thanks so much for sharing ^-^

  18. ahh i love Sohee!~
    i totally get how she feels
    so many people think I’m cold and distant, but i don’t mean to be, i’m just shy too
    she’s an amazing dancer…yea her singing’s not great, but hopefully with more practice and as she grows up she’ll get better!
    I also admire how she’s never gone off to have plastic surgery like so many korean celebs 🙂
    single-lidders all the wayyy~~! 😀
    it’s nice to see a pretty celeb that’s also unique ^^

  19. lol, sohee adds more charm to the wonde girls! trust me, if there was no sohee, the wonder girls wouldn’t be the same! without her ‘omona’ pause, tell me wouldn’t be crazed too… so before you start bashing her, please think… Sohee’s voice is not meant for singing, i think she knows that too… but she is improving, that is why wonderfuls are proud of her… she may not be good at singing, but there are many other great things she can do! so don’t over look her talents!

  20. by the way
    i want to see you because
    i want to have a picture with you ^_^
    i think when i saw in first time i will “omona!!!”
    love you take care

  21. sohee is soooooooooo cute,i love you girl
    i hope to see you in person,
    im your fan forever,i promise

    cheer up sohee
    gud luck

  22. WOW i feel srry for her from some of these rude comments >.> she does her best in music dancing and acting so like keep the comments to urself

  23. ^Your stupid
    what the matter with you?
    JYP did selected So Hee as Member of Wonder girls
    You cant do anything about that
    i believe in JYP.. he really know about his artists
    So Hee has charm that no other member don’t have..
    if it’s not so hee, tell me will never be success.
    Most of WG cf more focus on Sohee because
    her facial expression is priceless.
    besides, until now no one can beat her omona pose.
    although she cant sing but she still improve in Nobody

  24. ^ LOL man go take her..shes so ugly! I’ll laugh at you twice as hard..!!
    She cant sing for shit either!
    Can’t belive shes even a WG!

  25. and btw to the anitfan, please don’t curse on her, feel free to look at these topics but please respect the person >_>

    and BTW, she is not fat!
    she’s so sexy and hot and she is mine

  26. I’m a Singaporean and i love Wonder girls soso much , that i can sit just infront of the computer watching them all day long , Anyway i like Sohee the most as she have the cute face , And whatever she does is good , And we Love her !
    SarangHaeyo SoHee !

  27. i loooove all the wondergirls but sohees my fav!!
    do u know how hard it is to practice that much stupid antifans????
    so shut the fuck up and dont say anything, u dont even know stuff about.

  28. Sohee’s a bit shy on camera, so many anti-fans take it to be a cold attitude. I liked Sohee the most when I first found out about the wondergirls and then liked her even more later when I found out about her acting ability. So Hee Jjang FTW!!

  29. i love sohee!! 😀 sohee fighting!

    why do people hate sohee so much? i adore her! not just because of her looks, it’s because of her personality! she’s still young and is fighting strong! she doesnt try hard to be cute or fake ya know like sunmi. i love sohee! she’s good at dancing and plus a great actress!

  30. ummm… ok… i didnt lyk so hee either x.x
    she has a really cold attitude and cant sing and stuff… technically im jealous of her.

    hbut after reading this…makes me realize that shes not cold and distant and that shes just a regular girl lyk me. and now its lyk… ahn so hee is awesome!!!!
    XDDD but yea…

    she practiced twice as hard and made it…. im very proud of her, she makes me believe that if she can do it then i can 2.

    and she is NOT fat…

  31. AntiFan,leave her alone will you? least she can sing in front of many people and cameras..i bet you can’t..YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS..for your information she’s not ugly and fat ..she’s SEXY…anyways i love her and the rest of WG their songs…keep up the good work..^_^

  32. hey dont you noticed most of the videos from youtube (clips from there concerts) audience shouting her name?? applausing her…it means many of us attract by her cute face and good dancing skills dont care with her voice..because even though its not perfect atleast its her best and she still on the line..If you’re saying that his bitch fat? your crazy you know? Im from Philippines, I just browsed some korean dance steps and saw the wonder girls..i dont know how to explain but im totally attracted to sohee’s projection and stage presents… WHAT ChARISMA she has? OMG…
    I Love her so much…

  33. wahhh I really admire her now @A@

    Before, I was a not so much of fan or an anti-fan. I pretty much thought So hee couldn’t sing very well and I thought her voice was edited wayyy too much, I really didn’t judge her that much, she was just kinda there.

    But now, I don’t really find a problem with her voice because it’s probably going to change as she gets older, and she can dance very well. *o*
    and, after reading this interview, I seem to understand her alot better, and Im really starting to adore her^^

    I’m on the road to being a fan :]
    Do your best So hee ❤


    tsk tsk anti-fan, calling So hee fat and ugly is very rude. Not only to her, but to manys out there.

    Because if So hee is fat, then what are we? Because the last time I checked, So hee is god damn thin. D:<

  34. I respect that you feel Sohee is rude and does not have any talent. But to say that she’s an ugly, fat bitch, aren’t you being a bit hypocritical because you seem rude as well. Also, just to let you know the proper term is overweight. Fat is a lipid found under the skin

    Saying that she has no friends, and thatshe thinks she’s the best and can rule “us”, isn’t that making assumptions. Hasn’t anyone told you to not to assume things, because it makes an a-double-s out of you?

    Honestly, if you despise Sohee to the point where you’re cursing, and insulting her. I think it would be best to avoid all topics/websites/videos that are based on her alone. Then again, you have the right to view these websites, so feel free to. I just wanted to advise you not to, so you dont waste your time, because as someone once said, “Every second you spend angry or upset is the second of happiness you can never get back.”

  35. She’s still have a fan.. n i dont think she’s that bad.. she is cute.. can dance and sing to.. why u dislike her very much..?? Has she did smtng wrong to 2 u whch make u hate her that much. Whatever it s she s still got a lot of fan from othr difrnt cntry.. n i one of them.

  36. OMG….she doesn´t even have any friends for gods sake!!

    AND!! shes soooooo untruthful. (Me for example, as i am korean)
    She always tell things and say we misunderstand, when its HER mistake saying that ´I dont want to be called MANDOO´ and so on…shes so bitchy god damm it. she cant sing, she cant act, shes ugly nd fat. Someone even made a real good movie (Rapping) out of her how shes really rude to people in korea. Thinking shes the best, and she can rule us.


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