Wonder Girls speaks Chinese for Cyworld China

Cyworld China has setup a website for the Wonder Girls 2nd visit to the country in 9 days time. And you can visit it here. I thought we would have only one video message but no, the Wonder Girls have recorded seven video messages which goes to show how much of an importance this visit is. They speak really good Chinese and it looks like their hard work has really paid off!

The event is like this, you post a question for the Wonder Girls at the above-mentioned website. The Wonder Girls will then pick out 3 winners who will get their autographed album. The ultimate prize for 2 will see them taking to the streets together with the Wonder Girls! Anyone can participate it seems, although priority goes to those in China I guess.

The following are translations of the video messages
(thanks to ~ cherrie ~ for YT) 

1) Wonder Girls Greeting Message
Hello there, our Cyworld fans, we’re the Wonder Girls. We will be seeing everyone in Guangzhou on January 19th. We have prepared lots of exciting programmes, please anticipate our performance, everyone! Thank you!

2) Sun Ye Message
Happy New Year everyone, I’m Wonder Girls leader, Sun Ye, have been really busy recently, so haven’t been posting messages at the minihompy. But I feel that through minihompy, it can bring the distance between us closer. I am very happy to be able to see everyone soon. Let us dance together in Guangzhou!

3) So Hee Message
Hello everyone, I’m So Hee from Wonder Girls. I saw Sun Ye unnie chatting with everyone through her Cyworld minihompy during rest time. I really envy her and I heard that you have created a minihompy for me too. For all of you, I will do my best to perfect my Chinese so that I can chat with you too. Thank you!

4) Ye Eun Message
Hello there, I’m Wonder Girls Ye Eun, after returning home from China last time, I have been wanting to go back there. Am very happy that I have a chance to go to Guangzhou this time. Speaking about Guangzhou, there’s something really interesting. My manager oppa had told us we would be going to “Kwang-Ju” for a performance in January. When Yoo Bin unnie heard that, she was shocked and said, “My hometown is Kwang-Ju, why do we still need to go overseas then?” She found out later that this “Kwang-Ju” is actually Guangzhou in China. Yoo Bin unnie hometown is Kwang-Ju in Korea.

5) Sun Mi Message
Cyworld friends, happy new year! I’m Sun Mi from Wonder Girls. Time really flies, since our last visit to China til now, it has already been nine months. I really anticipate this coming meeting in China again! Heard that many people went to the past two concerts in Beijing and Shanghai. Many people will also be coming to Guangzhou right? I am really excited and nervous. Hope that everyone can come and give us lots of support! Thank you!

6) Yoo Bin Message
Hello everyone! I’m Yoo Bin from the Wonder Girls. Heard that our song, “Tell Me” is really popular on Cyworld. Does everyone know how to sing it? Really anticipate singing this song with everyone at the Guangzhou concert!!

7) Wonder Girls Tell Me Tutorial
Hello Cyworld friends, we’re the Wonder Girls. We are seeing everyone again! Tell everyone a little secret. We will be performing our adorable Tell Me dance at the Charity Concert at Guangzhou. We will now teach everyone how to perform this dance so that everyone can do it with us that night! Dance together!

First action. The most important part of this first action is to make sure your elbow is straight! Second is wrist dance, watch carefully!

Want to download?
All seven video messages (flv format) are zipped for you to download
Download (Divshare)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls speaks Chinese for Cyworld China

  1. Their Chinese is very well spoken xD Seems as if they were born there. I guess I have to say Sun Ye and Ye Eun are most fluent. So Hee is a little shy like always and Yoo Bin and Sun Mi are pretty good 😀 Nice job girls!

  2. As a Chinese, I have to say their pronounciation was spot on. I nearly understood everything they’ve said.
    Wondergirls are so adorable, I can’t wait to see them!

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.. madness.. the girls are freaking cute speaking in chinese.. and they spoke it dang well!!!

    seriously can’t find anything un-cute about them.. ^^

  4. wahh sunye and yeeun’s mandarin is great!
    same with sunmi’s! hahaha actually they’re all pretty good. probably better than me.
    well I wish them luck in whatever they do~
    and thanks for posting this article =)

  5. i must give them credit because it is really hard to learn a new language at their ages. but i must say they are making progess with their mando. i wish them luck =)

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