Wonder Girls army song to be released in anime format

Today’s hottest group Wonder Girls sang a logo song for the Korean army which will be released today and attracted attention.

Wonder Girls management company JYP Entertainment reported that the Korean army command asked Wonder Girls to sing the “Army Song” to promote military image. The song features addictive melodies and easy-to-follow lyric. The promotional effect is multiplied by using Korea’s Little Sisters, Wonder Girls as the singers. Wonder Girls leader, Sun Ye said that they were glad and proud to take part in the army music project, because they got to work with young men who have sacrificed a lot to serve the country

The army command expects to change people’s image of the military forces through Wonder Girls’ “Army Song”. The song can be seen in flash animation on Korean portal site Daum’s video service tvPot.


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls army song to be released in anime format

  1. hi wonder girls i enjoy your album i watch this every day my favorite love song is saying i love you and instrument song is irony,tell me and all

  2. Koreans are mandated to serve 2 years in the military. This song isn’t to recruit…just to help raise the morale of the soldiers.

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