Wonder Girls Army Song Anime Music Video

The promotional army song was released this evening and the total length is one minute. No Wonder Girls but just their anime form. They were so nice to include the tangerine for Sun Mi! Will you join the army after watching this?

Some shades of Doraemon in it as pointed out by soompiers…

Boy: -.- I have to go to the army -.- tears.gif tears.gif OTL

Yoo Bin: Hi! We are the Wonder Girls!
From now on we will show you

Sun Mi: sad.gif
Sun Ye: fury.gif
Ye Eun: Madder than Sun Ye xD mad.gif mad.gif
So Hee: Her eyes are on fire xD
Yoo Bin: sweatingbullets.gif sweatingbullets.gif

Yoo Bin: I’ll introduce you my friends!

So Hee: Among the many many friends in this world (he) protects me, he is super! (Then the tiger comes and beats the perv. up hihi)

Sun Mi: Weak friend Sry!
Bad friend Good bye!
The one who moves my feelings, the strong friend

Ye Eun: He isn’t a chunky Man nono
Our best friends the soldiers!
(The tiger is so chunky and says, lets eat )
(let’s eat again xD)
(Thank you ) <–fits well to ssikshin Ye Eun xD

Ye Eun: You are always by my side, so you capture (?) my feelings (I didn’t understand that word sry, but it’s a positive word)

All: (I like) Army Army Army! Our strong friends, I like you!!!
(At the first Army Yoo Bin winks^^)
(I like) Army Army Army! The ones who protect us, only you! (the only you refers to the I like)

~I love you!~

Boy: (something like:) Come to the Army!

(Many thanks to binaa2, Luxtoraa and pp226)


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Army Song Anime Music Video

  1. AHAHHHHHHHHHHH they gave sunmi her tangerine!!! that is so friggin adorable.

    omg… i wonder if the number of recruits have been increasing??? koreans are so gosh darn weird…

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