Exclusive news about Wonder Girls China trip

This is what 天使雨猫猫Rose posted at WG Baidu. She is apparently part of JYPE operations thanks to her previous connections when Rain was in China.

Wonder Girls will be attending the Cyworld Charity Concert event in Guangzhou very soon on January 19th. Please show them your support when they arrive.

They have been really busy and tired with so many events recently. Even though they are supposed to be on vacation now, they are actually learning Chinese everyday as best as they can because of their impending China trip.

Wonder Girls recorded a video message for Cyworld China last night and this will be released very soon. Sun Ye was a bit nervous while recording it. Important JYPE personnel including President Hong and all the department heads was around which proves how important this China trip was.

Their schedule will be very tight and they are scheduled to arrive in Guangzhou on the afternoon of 19th January, attend the concert in the night and then return back home on January 20th at noon. So Hee might have to leave slightly earlier due to other commitments.

So for those who will be going to Guangzhou to see them, please show them your fullest support because they don’t know how popular they are in China and are pretty worried. Please give them your loudest cheers that day and bring lots of balloons there. See you there!

Flight information
January 19th 2008
Korean Air KE865
Time: 9:30am – 12:25pm (direct to Guangzhou)

January 20th 2008
Korean Air KE866
Time: 13:45 – 18:00pm (direct to Incheon)

They will have a little rest after their China trip and then fly to America.


3 thoughts on “Exclusive news about Wonder Girls China trip

  1. So when we say break….we don’t really meeean “break” right?

    Hopefully they stay healthy and positive!

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