Wonder Girls to become models, targets mid-2008 for comeback

Wonder Girls who have just departed the music scene for a vacation will soon be reappearing on your screen again. But this time, they will not be appearing in their capacity as singers but as models for a commercial.

Wonder Girls appeared in a farewell stage on the December 5th edition of Music Core and brought to an end their promotional activities for their first album. And although they are taking a rest after leaving the stage, they will be reappearing again before the public to do a product endorsement for Pal Gal Pen which is a stationary item for students. They have signed a six months contract with the company that makes them and will receive 1.5 billion won for their work.

Download Pal Gal Pen CF (cutegiurl’s WG blog)

According to a JYPE spokesperson, Wonder Girls will make their comeback in the middle of 2008 and will spend the earlier half doing overseas promotion.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to become models, targets mid-2008 for comeback

  1. that’s alotttta money…and i guess this means they won’t be in korea for awhile. i hope we still get to see them somehow… 😦

  2. lol tht guys a pimp…hving so many girls ’round him…XD

    ohhh..but its just CHILDRENS stationary model….dsnt cost alot..

  3. yay more wonder girls! But 1.5 million won?? isn’t that just about 1,500 US dollars?! if so i hope they EACH get that amount

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