“I will marry Yoo Bin if I win an Olympic gold medal!”

This was what 20 year old Korean judo under-73kg exponent, Wang Ki Chun told reporters over the weekend at the Olympic village training center.

Yoo Bin is the sexy member of Wonder Girls who is always clad in mini hot pants. Although he has never met Yoo Bin in person before, he still said, “For the sake of Yoo Bin, I will do my very best and bring back the gold medal.” Both are them are considered superstars in the song and judo world respectively. Wang Ki Chun came to fame after defeating fellow Korean Lee Won Hee who was known as the one bout winner at last year’s World Judo Meet. He is heralded as a young Judo hero since achieving that.

Looking at Wang Ki Chun spiky hairdo, he represents the new generation of judokas but the only thing that makes his heart race even faster is sexy same-age singer, Yoo Bin who is constantly on his mind than winning an Olympic gold medal. Wang Ki Chun said again, “Will I be lacking something if I propose to Yoo Bin publicly?” I think concentrating on perfecting your judo techniques rather than daydreaming would give you a better chance at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

(only parts that involved Yoo Bin were translated, so might sound disjointed…)


16 thoughts on ““I will marry Yoo Bin if I win an Olympic gold medal!”

  1. No way in the whole world would I let that guy marrie my Yoo Bin i mean come on he dosent even know her..lol I dont care if she is 5 years older that me I mean seriously that guy’s commen it nothing compared to my feelings for Yoo Bin. It will take me weeks before I’m done tellying you guys how i feel about her.Ever since i saw her I just can’t get her out of my mind. I havent been able to sleep for days thinking about Yoo Bin. So NO WAY Wang Ki Chun. You are NOT touching her…lol Yoo Bin is Mine!!!!

  2. ok, all u guys, someone tell me how to post one of those things, i need to show how i feel too!!! and shes mine! even if shes like 6 years older -_-;

  3. lol i find it funny how someone can say they love someone without actually ever talking to them to get to know them ever. Kinda also selfish of him to say these kinda things not considering her feelings as well. This is more an infatuation then a genuine feeling.

    just my 2 cents.

  4. this is sufficiently…..awkward. or should this be cute?

    anyhow, you can’t blame the guy. this is yoo bin we’re talking about. 😉

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