Haha & MC Mong “bickers” over Wonder Girls & SNSD

Haha went on MC Mong’s radio show recently where they argued over the Wonder Girls & So Nyeo Shi Dae and who they like more.

MC Mong claims that Haha likes Wonder Girls more and vice versa to each other. Later after arguing, MC Mong tells Haha to dance to Wonder Girl’s “Tell Me” since he loves them so much.

MC Mong says he thinks that both groups are pretty. He says he likes Sun Ye a lot & that she’s really pretty. He starts singing “Tell Me” and the both of them start dancing to “Tell Me” like crazy people. It’s nice to see how other celebs like Wonder Girls a lot just like us.

(Credit to J E W E L Z *)


11 thoughts on “Haha & MC Mong “bickers” over Wonder Girls & SNSD

  1. LOL! well,i bet they both like WONDER GIRLS more! but i’m pretty sure Haha really likes WG. well,who wouldn’t?

  2. Well duh. Its a radio show. Its their job to get people worked up/excited and interested in the show. Obviously they both like WG more but they are just playing devil’s advocate (arguing for the sake of having an argument)

  3. thanks for the credit 🙂
    yes its was cute. i always knew that HAHA liked wg more & mc mong tried to prove it… but HAHA wouldn’t admit it.. MC mong likes snsd more though… i like both groups so thats okay 🙂

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