Sun Ye, Yoo Bin comes out on top @ Music Core 080106

Wonder Girls gave their final performance on MBC Music Core today as they conclude their promotion work for their first album, “The Wonder Years”. Despite what was reported earlier, there was a change in the grouping as Ye Eun was moved over to join Sun Mi and So Hee. Maybe they felt it was inbalanced with two lead vocalists (Sun Ye, Ye Eun) in one group.

The group of Ye Eun, Sun Mi, So Hee wore the exact same striped doll outfits that Lee Jung Hyun wore in the past as they performed “Joolae” in a cutesy performance. Sun Mi had a pink wig on and it came off well. Wasn’t anything much more than cute and it wasn’t the best doll impersonation I have seen. Plus they were lip-syncing to it which became obvious once Ye Eun part started. But the trio had a lot of fun doing their doll dance.

The group of Yoo Bin, Sun Ye were in black and white suits and going for the sexy look which both pulled it off well. Not a particular song that I know but the dance moves they did were sexy and they really did it well plus singing it live, even Yoo Bin who also rapped in the song.

Initial voting favoured Ye Eun, So Hee, Sun Mi but the tide soon turned and eventually the team of Sun Ye, Yoo Bin won the sms voting by 55% to 45%. Sexy came out top against Cute today but both were equally great.

You can watch the performance here or download it if you can’t wait.
YT link will be edited in later.

Ye Eun also did the mobile ranking chart on Music Core and I was wondering when it will be her turn. She was the last member to do this as Wonder Girls activities comes to an end. Rest well and see you again soon as a group!


17 thoughts on “Sun Ye, Yoo Bin comes out on top @ Music Core 080106

  1. Sun Ye’s such a cute girl, the best dancer, and a good leader of WG, she have a very warm voice. Although she’s not prettest girl on the band but I still love her with me she’s the best one

  2. can we have a reupload please please please? 🙂 the download link does not work anymore..

  3. I thought Sun Ye & Yoo Bin’s performance was tight. It wasn’t anything too memorable, but I’m biased towards anyone that can at least do a decent job performing a Lexy classic.

  4. sun ye and yoo bin were not singing live cause there was a part of sun ye singing but her mouth wasn’t even on the mic.

  5. i think yoobin and sunye were singing live because parts of the dance you hear the mic echo or make that sound when it hits against something. there were some parts of the song that were prerecorded and they were singing along with it but their solo parts were live.

  6. pretty sure neither of them are live… there were parts where sun yeh was singing, but her mic wasnt even at her mouth.

    and wow, sun mi is so hawt with the wig!

  7. i dont think sun ye and yoo bin were singing live, maybe the first part was live because it was sort of quiet. but they both looked like they had a lot of fun

  8. Wow! Both performances were great, one cute and one sexy, I love both. And I’m so digging the pink wig on SunMi ^^

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