Debunking Sun Ye & Park Tae Hwan dating speculation

Credit to rkxo for this latest development on the Sun Ye dating rumour with Park Tae Hwan as some picture evidence is produced days later to prove that all of this is just pure bollocks and pure speculation, nothing more!

Matching characters on their cyworld skin or background
Shortly after the Wonder Girls debuted, Sun Ye and HyunA set their minihompy theme to Minnie Mouse to match each other.

Sun Ye Cyworld

HyunA Cyworld

Park Tae Hwan Cyworld background music
There’s no explanation to this. Perhaps he just likes the song, it’s a good song.

Couple rings?
If you look at the rings in detail and zoomed in, they are clearly different.

(Left to right): Tae Hwan, Sun Ye

The reason why all Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse references in their respective minihompies and the background song in Tae Hwan’s Cyworld removed was perhaps to stop all these needless speculation from building up. Nothing more than just good friends. It would be sad if they can’t even be friends because of this stupid rumour.


11 thoughts on “Debunking Sun Ye & Park Tae Hwan dating speculation

  1. I knew that those two weren’t dating.. plus Sun Ye already admitted to everyone that they weren’t dating and that they are just friends. Anyways, I LOVE YOU PARK TAE HWAN! ♥♥

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  4. yea sunye totally deserves someone hotter… *cough*gdragon*cough ^^

    aiyiyi the useless life of a netizen~

  5. To be honest, I wasn’t too convinced that they were dating anyhow.
    Maybe netizens have nothing better to do? Haha
    I wonder who Sun Ye will end up dating in the future?
    All we have to do is wait and see.

  6. Ah, well, I’m perfectly fine with it, either way. But I was kinda hoping they were just friends cause I’ve seen them together on shows and they just seem like two, good friends. Good luck to WG (Great year to them) and to Park Tae Hwan (Keep swimmin’!)..

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