Wonder Girls vs Wonder Girls Special Stage @ MBC Music Core

There will be a special stage performance by the Wonder Girls this Saturday on MBC Music Core as they go up against each other in an internal battle.

So Hee, Sun Mi will take on Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Yoo Bin in a dance battle of some sort. So Hee and Sun Mi will transform themselves to cute dolls and perform a cover of Lee Jung Hyun’s classic, “Joolae” while Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Yoo Bin will become sexy power girls and do a cover of Lexy’s, Ehsongee (Young Person).

This may be good news for people who can’t get enough of them but aren’t the girls suppose to be on vacation? Hopefully this is just a one-off thing.

Kris Analysis
I know some ppl will be thinking, “Why did they give all the lead/powerful singers to one side?” Well, you get the winner through the number of phone sms text/votes. I know for a fact that if Sun Ye and So Hee or someone with So Hee, there is a big possibility that, that team will win. Although Sun Mi has a lot of fans as well (she’s been gaining a lot these days, after her hair cut), they made a team with weaker vocals to balance/even things out between the polls.

(credit to Kris and MBC)


6 thoughts on “Wonder Girls vs Wonder Girls Special Stage @ MBC Music Core

  1. yep i think ye-eun or sun ye will win if they will not practice there vocal…you know….so hees voice is not that powerful….also to sun mi not that good voice…but lso pretty,,,,blah blah blah

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  3. hmmm.. this seems like it is going to be very interesting, by the way i see So hee got a new hairstyle or haircut. i like her other one it fits her better. but like i was aying if they had a singing contest i think either sunye or ye un would win, but i haven’t heard yoo bin sing before, only rap. and for So hee, she does need to work on her vocal. i think she wasn’t meant to sing, only choreography. but we’ll see who wins. ;]

  4. i honestly hope sun mi & soo hee have trained their voices. i know sun mi can sing okay but soo hee singing is not very strong.

    if not then team ye eun is gonna own!!
    ye eun’s the best!!1

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