Details about MTV Wonder Girls Season 3

Wonder Girls will be leaving for America in Febuary 2008 and scheduled to record episodes for MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 while over there.

Wonder Girls are now having their long break throughout January and are set to leave for America for their debut around early Febuary. They will tour New York, Los Angeles, and two other American cities with their mentor and producer Park Jin Young for his month-long “Bad Concert” as a special guest.

JYP also plans to use his concert to be a showcase for his other protégés, such as Min, G-Soul, and Lim Jeong Hee. Wonder Girls management company, JYP Entertainment also announced that world-famous stars like R. Kelly, Outkast, and Will Smith are scheduled to attend the concert.

MTV Korea said that “Wonder Girls will travel around the United States from San Francisco to New York starting in mid-February, and they will film a documentary program in which they will experience diverse things such as art, music and fashion.” They also added that “the Wonder Girls will also shoot for a music video of a song from their first album, ‘Wishing on a Star'”.

MTV Wonder Girls Season 1: The Beginning
Showed how the members of the group were picked

MTV Wonder Girls Season 2: The Simple Life
Revealed how the members of the group coped with their daily lives.

MTV has always maintained a special relationship with the Wonder Girls, airing the their beginning months as a pop group and the daily lives of these five girls such as their fashion, their way of maintaining their beauty, and their one-day experience at various restaurants which was a big hit among TV viewers.

‘MTV Wonder Girls Season 3’ is planned to be aired starting on March.

(credit to ~ cherrie ~ and krnloop)


3 thoughts on “Details about MTV Wonder Girls Season 3

  1. alvin, i wonder why there are no wonder girls season 2 with english subs anywhere?! im so frustrated i want to see it! Do you know where i could watch it?

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