Wonder Girls gives their colleagues a treat

Wonder Girls who won the Best Newbie Award in 2007 with their “Tell Me” song gave their colleagues in JYPE a treat for their hard work behind the scenes.

Wonder Girls and their parents arranged for a lunch treat on the afternoon of January 2nd. This treat was to thank all the people involved behind the scenes for their hard work, sweat and tears. Many JYPE employees including Park Jin Young himself attended this special lunch treat given by the Wonder Girls.

Since getting acknowledged by critics after releasing their single, “Irony” back in Feburary 2007, they managed to follow that up with an album in September and creating a storm with their “Tell Me” song. Besides picking up an award at MKMF for “Tell Me”, they did likewise at the 22nd Golden Disk Awards.

Wonder Girls last performance at the 2007 MBC Gayo Daejun on the final day of 2007 also meant that promotional activities for their first album has come to an end. They would be heading for a well-deserved break next before starting their overseas promotions, second album preparation, concert, etc. They are expected to release their second album in the summer of 2008.


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