JYP open auditions for 2nd generation Wonder Girls

JYPE is now currently looking for the 2nd generation of Wonder Girls.

This open audition requires interested parties who have until January 18th to submit their photos or videos to mogoon website in order to participate. Just like the first audition, participants who uploads videos in the pre-selection will be awarded 20 bonus points. For those who are unable to sign up online, they can join on the spot on the same date starting from 11am (Korean time).

Mogoon who held their first audition last July has revealed that five participants was chosen and is now undergoing professional training. The top winner, Jang Woo Young has already been earmarked for an official debut in 2008.

With regards to the second audition, a JYP spokesperson replied, “We used this new method of online auditioning last year and managed to get a 1000:1 competitive ratio, those who joined were mainly in the 10-age bracket.


13 thoughts on “JYP open auditions for 2nd generation Wonder Girls

  1. if im a filipino can i join? pls.i want to be like the wondergirls promise you will never be disapponted on me promise when im there i do all my best.i know im not a korean but i can dance i can sing like them.pls……… im waiting……….when you are come to the philippines?

    south,korea is my favorite country and your tradition. pls. i can show what they can. thank you.kamsanida
    i hope you will read this.And trust me… i love you wondergirls……….

    when im there i will show you what a filipino can do in another country………..

  2. guess i was too late TT___TT i wanted to do this too.
    but ^^ if there’s anymore auditions please tell me!!

  3. it was stated that audition was taken place in Seoul Art National University.

    four girls are chosen from 3,000 girls who went to try their luck. I think they will begin their training real soon for couple of years before debuting.

  4. i don’t think this is a second wonder girls.. x)
    they probably jst announced it as that, because of the popularity.

  5. Yea don’t think they exactly want a second WG they just use the WG name to draw extra attention to the audition.

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