“Couple rings” leads to Sun Ye & Park Tae Hwan dating speculation

Remember this is not actual news, just speculation. Pictures of Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls and Korean swimmer Park Tae Hwan sporting similar rings has led to fierce speculation among netizens that they could be a dating couple.

Netizens have managed to piece together photos of Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan sporting rings that looked similar and using that as evidence, deduced that maybe the two of them are dating each other. The title of Sun Ye’s cyworld writes “Eight months?” which one speculates to be that they have been together for eight months already. There was also a period of time where they were known as “Micky Mouse” (Tae Hwan) and “Minnie Mouse” (Sun Ye) as they conversed with visitors to their blogs using those names. The background music on Tae Hwan’s Cyworld minihompy was the song that Sun Ye sang with JYP, ” Daenaje Han Ibyul”. This led to more speculation that this could actually be true.

But on the morning of January 3rd, their internet names of Mickey and Minnie Mouse was nowhere to be found on their minihompies while the song was no longer part of Tae Hwan’s minihompy background music.

Min Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan were both on a variety show in May 2006 and things like “they went to the same church” was revealed on the program. When everyone started to suspect that there could be a possible romance between them, they would just express, “We are just attending the same church program, we are just good friends.”

Some netizens have expressed that after careful in-depth analysis of the photos of them sporting the rings, the rings color and design aren’t the same and thus debunking the speculation that they are a dating couple.

With regards to this, a JYPE spokesperson replied, “Not sure. But according to what I know, Park Tae Hwan is not only on good relations with the Wonder Girls but with Park Jin Young as well. There’s absoutely no truth in this.”

Park Tae Hwan is currently in Australia preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and his father has denied this speculation. He said, “They are just people of the same age who met a few times during church and they don’t even have time to meet each other because of their busy schedules. He (Tae Hwan) is still a high school student and all these unnecessary rumours will affect his performance in the pool, so I hope that everyone would stop speculating.”

Park Tae Hwan was previously linked to a scandal with Dana from Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace. What’s your take on Park Tae Hwan and Sun Ye being together?


28 thoughts on ““Couple rings” leads to Sun Ye & Park Tae Hwan dating speculation

  1. they r not compatible……sun ye is pretty,cute and hot!!! that guy is…….u know,not handsome.!!sorry 2 park tae wan’s fans,..it’s just my opinion!!

  2. WTF.. what special with that guy?.. he’s look like ordinary vendors hahahaha… but anyway love is “blind”

    maybe he’s the richest man on earth ^_^

    my god!..

  3. if it’s what sun ye wants….then i’m back her up!!
    its not wrong to love someone especially at her age…

    oh! love is in the air!!
    i just hope he won’t her hurt her!!!T_T
    take care of sun ye!!!


  5. these two are young, so many things will happen in future, Park will meet someone better than Sun Ye, (if they do dating)
    Park deserves someone as good as him ^_^

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  8. well , even if its not true .
    duh , dating is normal people c’mon .
    if sunye dates that guy or any members from big bang .
    i will still be happy and happy for her .
    love is all around , go sunye !

  9. Regarding what Sue and Purple_Lover said:

    The rings used in Park Kyung Lim’s show look WAY different than the rings showed in this post.
    If you watch the show again, you’ll see that the gold rings that Hye Sung gave the Wonder Girls are much thinner than the ones shown here.

  10. as what sue commented, i also realized that it is the ring that hye sung oppa gave them even if it is not, u can see in the latest so hee’s movie press conf, u can see so hee and sun ye wearing the same ring only at diff fingers(correct me if im wrong). so probably its either the same ring they got from hye sung oppa or its maybe sun ye who gave out the rings to her close friends(in this case also appled to tae hwan,rite?) which means their friendship bonding….who knows?

  11. isnt it the ring was hye sung oppa gave it to them? the one in park kyung lim wonderful outing.. it is ryte? cause from last time i noticed the other members did wore it too sometimes durin perf but mostly sunye wore it.. m i ryte?

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  13. I don’t think they’re together.
    Good friends can have rings, symbolizing that they’re just “good friends”.

    Just speculation? I think so.

  14. Personally i don’t care if they have BFs or not.
    As long as they don’t pull a Spears.

    But this is obviously not true. I mean couple rings.
    They can’t be that stupid.

  15. I was wondering when you’ll be posting this hehe.

    Hmm…I don’t know what to think really. If it is, I’m happy for her. If not, no big deal.

    My instinct seems to tell me it’s not though….but what do I know? lol

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