Wonder Girls @ Mithra Jin Music Date Radio Show 071231

Mithra Jin Music Date Radio Show: Wonder Girls (click to listen)

This was really fun and focused a lot on Sun Mi + Ye Eun relationship and actually shows how Sun Ye is like a motherly figure to these girls. So Hee wasn’t there because she was doing something for her new movie.

– Sun Mi, So Hee, + ?? are AB blood while the rest are A and O.
– Sun Mi said she really liked DJ Tukuz (he was there along with Mithra)

Talked about big mistakes in 2007 during their performance
– Ye Eun talked about her dance move mistake on Inkigayo (remember how she went the opposite direction than the other members?) She said that the members all planned to do the dance move differenlty right before they went up to perform, but Ye Eun forgot about that and made that huge mistake. What was worse was that she was right in the middle. (The good thing is that the members were all able to talk about it while laughing. haha. )

– Sun Mi did a JYP impersonation (LOL so funny.)
– Sun Mi stated that she had something that was unfair to her. She said that the other members discriminate her. While the other members are always in favor of Sohee, they always leave Sun Mi out. For example, when Ye Eun and their dancing trainer are talking, Sun Mi comes to them to talk, but Ye Eun and the dancing trainer both say “go away go away.” Also, (this is the funny/cute part) “exactly on dec 24” Sun Mi during a rehersal, Sun Mi made a joke to Ye eun and hit her (as a joke) but Ye Eun shot back at Sun Mi saying “what kind of act is that to an unnie (older girl), something small like you.” But what made it so unfair was that a couple of days ago, Sun Mi saw So Hee do the exact same thing to Ye Eun, and Ye Eun just smiled and said that So Hee was cute. So Sun Mi became sullen and sad.

– Ye Eun’s defense: Ye Eun said that she was jokingly saying that to Sun Mi, but she over-reacted and became sullen. Furthermore, she states that both Sun Mi and Ye Eun are the type that love to joke around with each other. That’s why Ye Eun is like that to Sun Mi, but sees So Hee as pretty and cute, because since Sun Mi and Ye Eun both like to joke around, Ye Eun only jokes around a lot with Sunmi, and it wasn’t that she was discriminating Sun Mi at all. Ye Eun said that Sun Mi is really self conscience. That’s why when Sun Mi wants to eat something, she doesn’t really say it (remember self camera ep. 3, Ye Eun continuously asked if Sun Mi is hungry, because she never says it even when she is) but when she does say what she wants to eat and the reaction of the members are ‘whatever’, Sun Mi becomes really sullen.

Also, Sun Mi really likes to get attention, thus if people don’t give her attention, she gets sullen, BUT WHEN PEOPLE DO GIVE HER ATTENTION, SHE GETS SULLEN AS WELL. (lol, how is that possible?). Ye Eun said that she shows her love for each member differently, and that Sun Mi is going through puberty stage where you get mad at everything for no reason. Thus, Sun Mi’s over reaction.

– Sun Ye comes in as the ‘resolver’ (like always, lol) and shows her motherly instincts by saying that she understands Sun Mi’s behavior because Sun Mi didn’t recieve that love that she needed to recieve when she was young (remember, Sun Mi had a real hard life when she was young, same with Sun Ye. Both girls had a really tough time with family problems when they were young, so Sun Ye can relate) so Sun Mi is always wanting attention from the members because she needs that love. However, sometimes she misunderstands it, but hopes that everything will be fine. Sun Ye continues to talk and talk. hah.

– Sun Mi shows her 4 dimensional instincts by acting weird, saying random things, etc.


-Wonder Girls said that JYPE is planning on releasing their 2nd album in June 2008, that’s what they are aiming for. However, before that, another single may be released, they don’t know for sure yet.

-Also, Wonder Girls will/might be having their first concert in 2008, and promised to invite Epik High.

(Credit to I.said.hi@soompi)

This is apart from the radio show and what I.said.hi@soompi replied with regards to Sun Ye and Sun Mi’s childhood

Sun Ye’s mother passed away when she was really young, and her father didn’t take care of her so she lived with her grandparents for most of her life. Her grandparents raised her since she was young and she sees them as her real mother and father.

Sun Mi, it’s said, that her father passed away when she was young as well. Sun Ye said on the radio that sunmi didn’t recieve the love she should have when she was young from her family. Also, JYP said that Sun Mi lived a REALLY hard life and that he’s impressed at her because Sun Mi, although she goes through that big of a hardship, she still smiles everyday and his happy.


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Mithra Jin Music Date Radio Show 071231

  1. Sun Mi :heart:
    My favorite. Not only does WG seem to ignore her, but so does the camera >=E
    Everything I see of WG, I rarely see Sun Mi ;_;


  2. aww…thanks for the explanation alvin.

    that’s terrible to hear but at the same time i know that their hardships have made them who they are today…strong, independent, hardworking girls with lots of talents and ambitions. if anyone deserves this recognition, it’s definitely them. 🙂

  3. aw poor Sun Mi. I think she’s just as cute as So Hee but So Hee’s signature ‘omona’ and prominent mandu cheeks shot her to fame.. I guess it would suck being born in the same year and being older than So Hee but feeling only 2nd rate….>< Sun Mi fighting!! I hope they establish their own unique roles in the group so that each one can receive the same attention from the fans~~

  4. woo, thanks for translatioin thing!

    it was said in season 1 eppy 4 or osmething (sunmi’s episode) that she had a hard life (from JYP)
    but still, shes still my #1 WG, i can give her the love =D

  5. thanks for the update again!

    how cute…i never hear much from sun mi so it’s nice to get to know her more through this interview.

    also interesting is that you mentioned sun ye and sun mi’s hard life when young. i didn’t know about that! was it just that they came from a poor background?

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