Wonder Girls & Big Bang Musical Drama @ SBS Gayo Daejun 071229

Edit: Updated with Version 2, better subs thanks to Kris

Another ingenious idea by SBS as they team up two of the hottest groups in 2007, Big Bang (minus Seung Ri who was missing with an injury) & Wonder Girls together in a high-school romance musical drama with a whole list of 18 popular songs from SBS Inkigayo integrated into it as background music. Besides the usual cute, funny and lovey-dovey scenes, you also get twists and turns where you least expect it. Not to be missed if you are a big fan of them!

Do not post this on any forums, boards, communities, blogs, personal sites, video streaming sites such as youtube, veoh, etc. Ask before you do so!

Credit: coolsmurf (cut + subbing + encoding + uploading)

Download Version 1 (IU)
Download Version 2 (HFS)

password: BB member who cheated on Sun Ye (all in lowercase)

Please credit and link back to my blog if you’re taking out.


57 thoughts on “Wonder Girls & Big Bang Musical Drama @ SBS Gayo Daejun 071229

  1. i can’t open the file… i tried to all:


    but nothing somebody help me!!!

    i really want to see this performance

  2. Hi coolsmuf, I know that its been a while now and if its not so much trouble, could you please reupload the video elsewhere beside HFS? HFS seems to hate my ISP.

    Thank you!

  3. top didnt cheat on sunye >>w<<

    its just drama man!!!

    top iss sooo HOT HOT!!!

    sad that there’s no seungri here!!!

    bigbang wondergirls fighting!!

    wonderbang fighting!!!~~^^ minsunye!!

  4. Thank you so much for the file. I’ve been looking everywhere for this!

    But… I can’t seem to get the password right and I’ve tried several times. It has 3 letters all in lowercase, right?
    I tried like comment #29 suggested but it still didn’t work for me. What am I doing wrong? T_T

  5. thank u more than very very much
    password…that i did never known
    coz my babe want this so i tried to guess BB what does it meaning ahaaaa.

    password is in mv hmm

    so funny

  6. i dled the 2nd link, thanks ^^

    but the pw is top right? it got until 99% done extracting on my comp and then says it’s wrong password @_@
    i tried t.o.p. and choi seunghyun too but it’s not working?

  7. Hi there.
    I downloaded the second link
    but i can’t seem to get te password right

    bb memeber who cheated on sun ye

  8. chamie, the first one has subbing errors so if u can, download the second one which is more accurate.

    the pw for the first one is sun ye.

  9. i already download on the first link but didn’t pay attention on the password thingy….

    could you plis tell me the password once again…

    cuz when i used the current password it couldn’t be open, so i guess you also use new password for the second link…

    thanks in advance…

    and thank you for making this blog……

  10. OMG!!!I’ve tried it more than 10 times with this pass but just can extract 98% and it said wrong pass??? so I cant open the file…poor me!!!

  11. aww.. thanks.. =) aww, i was hoping seungri was in here. i don’t like wg that much.. but i love big bang, so thankyouu =D

  12. thank you so much. still downloading it. hope i can guess the password right. love this mini musical and now with subs. yay.

  13. would it help if i say it’s NOT “wonder girls?” hehe 🙂

    and thanks for the heads up alvin. i guess i’ll wait for the next version before ipod-ing it.

  14. i will release a better version in the near future, watch out for it, just make do with this for the time being…

    if IU doesn’t work now, try again later, it has PMS problem!

  15. Yay…was looking forward to this. A must download for Wonder Bang fans hahah 😀

    This goes onto my iPod right next to the first Music Bank performance 😉

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