So Hee attends I Like It Hot movie press conference

Wonder Girls member, So Hee together with Lee Mi Sook, Kim Min Hee, Kim Sung Soo, Kim Bum, etc attended the movie premiere of, “I Like It Hot” for the media at Seoul Cinema this afternoon. This was So Hee’s debut movie as she revealed her feelings about acting in her first movie role.  

“I Like It Hot” movie is adapated from popular Korean comic, “10, 20 and 30” and is about modern Korean girls views towards their attitudes to love and life. So Hee who is one of the main leads expressed at the press conference, “I gained lots of valuable experience during the course of filming. Although this was my first movie role and I felt nervous, but I tried hard to find something in common with the character in the comic during filming and manage to complete it successfully in the end.” (Youku Video Link)

“I felt nervous and shy…”, said So Hee with regards to kissing another high school girl, Jo Eun Ji of the same age in the movie. She plays a high school girl who is in puberty stage and curious about many things. Besides kissing Kim Bum in the movie, So Hee kisses Jo Eun Ji at least three times as well.

So Hee will have another movie promotion event tomorrow and Wonder Girls will also be appearing as well to sing perhaps.

More of So Hee who looks outstanding in yellow…

Kim Bum & So Hee…


32 thoughts on “So Hee attends I Like It Hot movie press conference

  1. what are you guys talking about o.o she did not have surgery.! and she looks pretty without makeup too. do you not see her other pictures? most of them have her without makeup. you cant just look at one picture and judge people right away, that’s called being shallow.

  2. For goddness’ sake ppls!! sohee was too young to hav surgery! if you look properly at her then u can see the naturalness in her face! I’ve never had plastic surgery (well im underage) and I’ve got single eyelids but when i curl my lashes etc my eyelids are pulled up a bit so it looks like i have double eyelids! so stop being stupid ppls!! what if u were a celebrity and didnt have any plastic surgery at al but ppl thought u did just because u looked too prtty? and who cares if she was a bit sweaty-looking? wat if it was a hot day? stop being mean guys!!

  3. “tried to find something in common with the comic character”

    That Sohee is also gay (for SunMi)?? >D

  4. I really expect when another movie which involved So hee or WG crew is born. unfortunately , So hee was hurted while the movie was being made. She’s luckly that nothing bad effect is caused her silver career in the future. Well, as a artist , the one should have her different development ways , to get more sucessfully in the field. I wish WG and So hee also have better achievements in their ways.

  5. I think… kim bum looks better with kim so eun! she is so beautiful. i love her!!! and yah…,SoHee and G-Dragon is also a good pair… 😀

  6. i dont care if she has or not i am her fan so i like her… sohee hwaitingggggggg
    pp stop say thing that hurt her….

  7. omg, seriously….sohee is too young to get plastic surgery. and ladygaga stop acting as if you are a fan of sohee. You are making yourself look like a fool. lol, think before saying anything. The truth hurts? If you were a fan, you would know the truth…and she surely hasn’t got any plastic surgery, get your facts straight.

  8. sohee did get plastic surgery!
    she never had double eyelids!!
    i also never said i hated sohee.
    i like her infact im a fan of hers too.
    but still the truth hurts i know. she got PS and she also dsent look good with Kimbum. better off with g drag.

  9. hey u haters just shup ut ok
    noone want to know about u hate her bc i love her and she hasnt had plastic surgery so stop say stupid thing… and kimbum isnt her . they are only together bc of that film
    i like heedragon more… heeddragon hwaiting

  10. LOL i don’t think she had plastic surgery! she would have smaller faces and thin nose for that! but she’s chubby and look natural! and yes, she’s too young to have plastic surgery.. i hope she wouldn’t have any in the future!!! >.<

  11. lol, you haters are so jealous….i just pity people like you. hahahah. grow up before you actually become a bitch.

  12. SO hee i hate u bittchhh

    KIm Sang Bum is mine !!!!
    Ladygaga i agree wiv yu stupid bitch havin plastic surgery done…….
    i love Kim bum…..muahz

  13. sohee and Kimbum…?
    NEVER! who ever thinks that much be messed up in the head! And sohee did get plastic surgery, you should look at her pictures when she was little. they look like two different people!

  14. i think that sohee and gdragon are a better couple
    heedragon fighting!!!!
    and sun ye is better with tae yang

  15. felicia- sohee’s too young to have a face lift dumbass you have to be at least older.jealous much sohee’s cheeks are naturally chubby and cute ;]

  16. what can i say, So Hee’s very cute!! i like her very much! i wish i can meet her in person ^^ and got her autograph!
    more power to you! So Hee! luv yah!

  17. without make up so hee still looks cute actually she is even prettier without make up! just watch wonder girls mtv or star golden she is pretty with and without make up unlike you i guess! lol

    (why do i feel like felicia and prescillia are the same person?^^)

  18. sohee don’t do surgery her face is natural is just the makeup so her face is natural if they do’y put makeup!!

  19. i can see her plastic face on her real face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate her but i love him

  20. lol…i’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not….

    anyhow, everyone looks plain-er without make-up. it’s only factual.

  21. they put too much make up on So Hee, she must look really PLAIN without the makeup, not to be mean or anything.

  22. i dont like the surgery, you can totally tell that So Hee got an uplift so that it looks like she has nice cheek bones, but its all really SURGERY.

  23. LOL i think kim bum + sohee actually look pretty awkward in the pictures above. it’s very business-y and serious.

  24. So Hee and GD? Hmm….seems awkward for me since they seem more like brother and sister type.

    Anyhow, I think GD is pretty set with Sun Ye, don’t you think? 🙂

  25. Wahh…our pretty dumpling is so pretty in yellow and I can’t wait to see what SoHee and the rest of the Wonder Girls are going to wear later today.

    Yes, KimBum & SoHee does look adorable together ^^ But SoHee & G-Dragon is still my dream couple lol

  26. Not everyone can pull off yellow…So Hee looking good haha.

    And she had to kiss another girl in the movie?! Wow…that’s quite…awkward. Well looking forward to seeing it anyhow. 😀

    P.S. Doesn’t So Hee and Kim Bum look incredibly adorable together? I just can’t help but feel all…tingly…when they stand together. Too bad those ahjussis are vicious! 😦

  27. Oh my gosh… She looks gorgeous here. A very different image than we’ve seen of her. Her hair looks great, and she actually pulls off the yellow. It’s cute and fun but still elegant because of the hair. Wow. I’m definitely impressed. And she’s ’92, isn’t she? Gosh. She looks about 20 here.

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