Wonder Girls @ MBC Gayo Daejun 071231

Sorry and although I like the hosts of Infinity Challenge but too many cooks spoil the broth I guess as they talked way too long and too much for my liking. Some if not all the segments were boring and had to wait a long time including a commercial break before the Wonder Girls segments aired back-to-back. It was pretty much worth the wait I can tell you!

Wonder Girls + Big Bang Interview before musical stage
This was real funny as Haha and Jung Hyung Don went behind the scenes and stormed into the dressing room and caught Ye Eun and Dae Sung holding hands (obviously rehearsing) and they immediately let go after realising they were on camera and alien Sun Mi started to cover her face in the background. G-Dragon and Sun Ye tried to do some “covering up” by talking and blocking the camera.

Wonder Girls Irony, Tell Me, She Was Pretty with JYP
They started with “Irony” with Sun Ye and Ye Eun in perfect vocals and the crowd was red hot chanting “Irony! Irony!”. The crowd was basically very into the Wonder Girls by chanting at every opportunity. Then they transit into “Tell Me” and right before So Hee does her Omona, JYP sprung out from the back and joined them as he did Omona and sang Tell Me in a falsetto voice which was weird and spoilt it for me, if only he could stick to just dancing “Tell Me”. The best was clearly saved for the last as they did “She Was Pretty” last and boy it rocked! Everything was perfect as Sun Mi, So Hee, Sun Ye, Ye Eun all sang together with JYP one by one. They even integrated some “Tell Me” steps into it and the whole thing was brilliantly cheoreographed. First time hearing Wonder Girls sing this song instead of just dancing to it and it was excellent!

Grease Special Stage starring Big Bang & Wonder Girls
This is like the Korean version and it was uberly cute with G-Dragon and Sun Ye being the leads once again with the other relegated to bit part roles. It started awkwardly but it improved as they got more comfortable with the dancing. They did some changes to the original Grease dances and it was a good blend. Sun Ye solo dance was excellent and the last bit where they all did a couple dance was great. All of them had a Big Bang partner except for Yoo Bin who had to do it with a dancer. This was equally exciting as the SBS musical drama with the exception that they did it live. Probably their last collaboration for a long while and I loved their chemistry and dancing like no tomorrow and making the last few days of 2007 so much enjoyable that it could be.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ MBC Gayo Daejun 071231

  1. Doesn’t this remind you of the saying “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing?”

    Each host was good but you put them all together and it becomes….like you said….quite boring.

    Anyhow. I guess SBS raised all of our expectations too high and so we didn’t enjoy the others as much as we could. 🙂

    Although I did enjoy the backstage things since it was something new and of course funny!

  2. Otokeeeeeeee !! Ye Eun is actually in his arms otokeeeeeee screamingggggg then she rejected him LOL
    I love how GD is trying to cover the camera to protect lol

    Omg just watch the performance Gd and Sunyeeeeeeeee WOOOOOOOT
    Too bad TOP wasn’t there T_T hope he will recover soon.

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