Congrats to Wonder Girls as album hits 40,000 mark


Wonder Girls ended the year 2007 by hitting the 40,000 mark for album sales. On December 31, Wonder Girl’s 1st album ‘The Wonder Years’ sold 40,384 albums!!! Congrats girls<3 I am glad I also contributed to this!


(credit to I.said.hi)


7 thoughts on “Congrats to Wonder Girls as album hits 40,000 mark

  1. I guess 40,000 for newcomers is pretty good. I know that SG Wannabe sold like 150,000+ and they sold the most this year (big surprise). I believe the 2nd best was SuJu and 3rd was Epik High… Gosh, those ELF fans… Sry but I thought their album was horrible this yr… Well, congrats to Wondergirls for a great yr… I just hope they are not one of those one hit wonder ppl… Their popularity was just so explosive to the point where it was unhealthy… JYP said he was a little worried, it was just so sudden and no one, neither JYP nor Wondergirls, expected it. Best of luck to them in 2008.

  2. woohoo! glad i contributed to this!!

    although… why’s there always controversy regarding yesasia sales?? yesasia specifically states on their site that they buy from asian distributors so that purchases to go towards album sales. so is yesasia lying??? o_O?

  3. oh i see. i was just curious because i assumed they would be selling more than that…but i think a big reason is because of digital sales.

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