Wonder Girls + Big Bang music drama @ SBS Gayo Daejun 071229

This music drama is likely to kill many fanboys and fangirls of both groups. The leads were TOP and Sun Ye who was a couple and GD looking on as a third party who also likes her, even Dae Sung likes her. It was nice to see popular music over the past year being integrated into the scenes. One scene saw Ye Eun & Sun Mi dancing Girls Generation. They could have used generic characters but then no, they used Baek Ji Young, Alex from Clazziquai, Tae Jin Ah, Dynamic Duo and Haha. What a brilliant idea by SBS and the crowd went crazy at certain scenes, like GD getting wind-kissed by Sun Ye and him doing O-mo-na. This was another great collaboration and certainly worth seeing again and again! Download it from somewhere if you can!

Small Adorable Things in the music drama

-:44-:45: Sohee waves and GD and then GD waves back really cute.
-1:15-1:18: Notice how Sohee is just sitting there like a manikin. She’s looking straight and not turning to see what’s going on.
-1:48-1:51: notice Sohee blurred out on the right. When top said “What are you guys doing? Like old people.” Sohee couldn’t help laughing and had to take the chocolate out. I’m surprised they didn’t edit that b/c that’s an ng, for the next scene she’s just staring at Top and Sunye.
-1:55-1:56: Notice Sunmi and Ye eun ‘playing.’ LOL They’re extras, so they’re clapping at no reason, or perhaps playing amongst themselves? Haha
-2:00-2:01: Sunmi and Ye eun’s playtime.
-3:13-3:15- Notice how Sunmi and Ye eun are in pain holding their arms up, but then in the next scene their arms are down.
-4:11-4:12: The fans/audience yell out : “Sunmi’s pretty!”
-6:15- Male fans yell out : “Kiss each other!” making the audience laugh.
-7:00-7:11: Notice how WG and BB are dancing to WG’s Eebabo (the hwangjini dance) as well as BB’s Last farewell.
-7:12-7:14: When top is doing the house motion for JYP’s song notice in the background that Sunye and Sunmi are laughing at him. Sunye laughed big while Sunmi did mini hops and twisted her balloon around laughing.

SUMMARY OF MUSIC DRAMA: (warning, full detailed summary)

Okay, so first, Sunye and Top are boyfriend and girlfriend. Literally they’re all lovey dovey with each other. And then Sohee and Youngbae comes along arm in arm, greeting them. Top pinches sunye’s cheeks and then grabs her hand and walks away. GD is in the background and he’s sad because he likes sunye. Then GD looks at Sunye through the school window, he sees Sunye studying, and then you see Daesung coming to Sunye and giving her a letter = he likes her, basically proposing to her that he likes her. But then top comes out of no where and takes the card away, which makes Dae sung go crazy (mad funny lol.)

Then GD is heartbroken, but Suddenly BAEK JI YOUNG comes out of no where as the teacher and punishes the student for lovey dovey acts in school. While she’s punishing them, Clazziquai’s Alex comes out, then BJY is all lovey dovey with him (dae sung is still acting weird LOL.) During Class they’re all being greasy, YOUNGBAE FEEDS SOHEE A CHOCOLATE and Sunye + top = googley eyes. Then you see another scene where top is cleaning a room by himself, when suddenly the room door opens and all of sudden SEXY YOOBIN makes her way dancing etc, trying to seduce TOP.

Later on, Top is doing something in class and steps outside to talk to someone on the phone, when he drops something. Sunmi notices and picks it up, to find its a pic of Top and Yoobin doing a heart. Sunye sees and gets heartbroken, so she’s walking home from school, when Dynamic Duo comes out of no where as gangsters and starts picking on Sunye, when GD comes to the rescue. He’s acting all tough and goes for punch, when he’s hit first and being beaten up. LOL. THen all of a sudden.. HAHA APPEARS! ahahhahahah!. He takes dynamic duo away, and you know how HAHA always says he likes WG and BB, well he turns around and says “don’t worry you guys. I LOVE YOU.” LOL.

Then Its Sunye and GD by themselves sitting on steps, GD with a band aid on cheek. SUnye says thanks and lightly touches it. THEN AN AUDIENCE MEMBER (YOU CAN HEAR THE AUDIENCE ) YELLED OUT ‘KISS EACH OTHER!’ which made everyone laugh. And then SUNYE ACTUALLY LEANS TO KISS!. Well they make it so that it seems as if the two kissed each other on the cheek. Then, another scene in the classroom and everyone is celebrating with a cake. SOHEE AND YOUNGBAE TAKING PHONE PICS when suddenly SUNMI comes in interuppting them. Ye eun and Daesung are lovey dovey, and obviously GD and Sunye.

TOP looks through the door secretly and is all sad, then you go to a flashback with Yoobin slapping Top, then this is the twist towards the end that made me laugh hard. JYP’s song ‘the house you live in’ has this dance move where they make a house roof with their hands. All of a sudden thAt song comes out and Top starts to do that move! LOLLOLOLOLOL

(credit to I.said.hi)

26 thoughts on “Wonder Girls + Big Bang music drama @ SBS Gayo Daejun 071229

  1. hey there!
    Maybe you can help me.. i can`t find the song of wonder girls which is played around 1 minute and 30 seconds in this music drama.
    Do you know which song this is?

  2. can you please give me the DL link for the softsubs? if it isn’t much? i want to save it on my pc …if you have the DL link for the hardsubbed video than that would be even better…thanks for subbing this!!!!

  3. oh my god! its f%^&*ing awesome.
    when sunye was able to kiss GD, i heard someone in the audience say “andwe” or “don’t” too. lol. oh my god. its the best. ^^

  4. I have to say that after reading this, I feel so:


    I feel all tingly and stuff…hahaha.

    Anyhow, I am very satisfied because my favorite pairings came true!

    Sun Ye and GD
    TOP and Yoo Bin


  5. Wow, it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I thought it was going to be a serious one… Like Hyori’s or something. But they made it really cute and did a great job of fitting the songs in with the storyline…Can I just say that…

    Yoobin looked really pretty in this.

    TOP is a playa..Haha… He was so cute.

    I loved Daesung in the beginning! What a cutie!

    I also missed my favorite BB member, Seungri… Hope he’s better… (And I felt really bad for Sunmi cause she didn’t have a partner.. :()

    I loved Baek Ji Young and Alex’s parts in it..Haha.

    JYP’s song was PERFECT for the ending.

    Thanks Coolsmurf for keeping us updated… Love this blog!

  6. I really miss Seungri…he and Sun Mi would’ve made such a GREAT couple!!!
    And Sun Mi is too cute!
    Oh, and So Hee + Taeyang was HOT!

    Yoo Bin without the wig…she has such a beautiful hair! I don’t understand why they keeping trying to make her similar too Hyun A =/

  7. just like how i wish it to be.

    i cant decide my mind on whether sunye+top or yoobin+top…

    when i first hear the storyline that sohhe&taeyang is a pair i was like HUH? but seeing it just now was like Hmmmmm….

    Just realllyyy..satisified with the GREAT SHOW today!! OH, or yestdy?hehe

    my queen hyori is LOVE TOO. hehehe

    ok, i think im talking crap, but i need somewhere to let it out~~

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