Wonder Girls Performances @ Music Bank 071228

Strong performances by the Wonder Girls as they performed four songs, Irony + Ee Babo Medley and Tell Me + Lies Special Stage (with Big Bang). It was definitely a great way to end the year watching this and you must definitely get your hands on a HD copy in future so that you can re-watch again and again!

Tell Me + Lies Special Stage (with Big Bang)
Frankly, nothing can top their initial performance as this was a watered-down version. Tell Me was pretty much a shambles as Big Bang members got lost at certain points and had to be nudged to their positions. They also look uncertain at times including the Wonder Girls themselves. But their interaction was top-notch after this second collaboration. The edited version of Tell Me played a part probably and maybe the lack of full rehearsals worked against them.

But when it came to Lies, it was like a different performance altogether. They worked well together and could well have trumped their inital special stage. The crowd was also red-hot in this and played a big part! A satisfying end to a wonderful year for both Wonder Girls & Big Bang!

Irony + Ee Babo medley
Is this their best performance to date or what? A round of applause to the wonderful crowd for being such a sport by chanting “Wonder Girls! Wonder Girls!” throughout and they certainly enjoyed performing by showing it in their performance. Everything was just perfect. It was a nice touch using Irony to start off and Sun Ye never sounded sexier! There was also the smooth transition to Ee Babo. Everyone was so outstanding in their individual parts that I can’t really single anyone out because it would be just so unfair! Even their costumes were a great fit save for Yoo Bin’s wig!


8 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Performances @ Music Bank 071228

  1. i was hoping they did better but it was ok.
    it was disappointing but its ok.
    i wanna see more of them BB and WG together. ^^

  2. awww sunye almost never misses the high note in irony… oh well, she still pulls it off so well 😀

    the ‘tell me’ perf was dissappointing… especially since the first time around was so kick-arse

    thanks for sharing!

  3. it was still great fun nevertheless, most importantly, they had a great time doing the special stage.

    shirley, there’s no clubbox that has super duper good quality unfortunately.

  4. You are so right “tell me” wasnt as great as the original but “Lies” was great and “irony/eebabo” was great

  5. Aw. how cute! i know they messed up pretty badly but somehow i found it endearing still, no?

    maybe it’s just me. haha.

  6. Yeah Big Bang is messing up the dance big time one time Daesung messed up the step and one of the wondergirl were pushing him. How funny!
    But 2nd perfor Lie went great !!

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