Sun Ye Message @ Cyworld China 071226

Just a foreword first. Wonder Girls had made inroads into the China market earlier this year and they have a collaboration with Cyworld China and have their own minihompys there as well. Only Sun Ye updates her minihompy though. She writes her message in Chinese which is so thoughtful for her fans outside of Korea and can understand Chinese.

This is what she wrote on Boxing day, two days ago. (2007.12.26 11:52)

Hello everyone~
Merry Christmas (although I’m late by a day~^^) It’s been a long time since I been here~ Hope that everyone can understand. This is because we have been really busy lately. I am not sure if anyone has listened to our new album ‘tell me’ yet? Hehe~ Do you like our album?

I shall tell everyone a good news~another 20+ days, we will be coming to China~~ This time, we will be going to Guangzhou to participate in the Cyworld charity event, am very happy to participate in such a meaningful event, hope that everyone can lend a helping hand, together with us Wonder Girls, and show your love, and help those children that can’t go to school!!

Our new member, Yoo Bin unnie will also be coming, hope that everyone will also like our Yoo Bin unnie ^^

The weather’s been really cold recently, hope that everyone takes good care of themselves and don’t catch the flu ok~ Then~ for those who like Wonder Girls~ see you in Guangzhou on January 19th!! ^^

If you are interested, you can visit her Cyworld China minihompy.


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