Hye Sung to miss KBS Music Bank year-end special due to illness

It’s not really related to WG but still it’s sad when Shin Hye Sung has gone through so much and is unable to perform at the end! He did help Wonder Girls a lot in Park Kyung Lim’s Wonderful Outing and then inviting them as guests to his concert! He even did “Tell Me” dance in Shinhwa’s concert. Get well soon!

Shinhwa member, Shin Hye Sung kept on rehearsing for his special stage performance with Kim Dong Wan despite fatique so that he could bring a good performance to fans. But unfortunately, he fainted during rehearsals probably due to lack of food and his fans are now worried over his health condition now.

Shin Hye Sung was actually suppose to appear on KBS Music Bank on December 28th but is now forced to cancel his performance because of his illness. Hye Sung had actually prepared a special stage with Dong Wan but the detoriation of his health during rehearsals yesterday saw him being sent to hospital instead. The doctors diagnosed him with acute enteritis and hence he was forced to cancel his appearance today.

Nevertheless, the show must go on although it remains to be seen what Kim Dong Wan would do now. Big Bang & Wonder Girls are the only ones besides them who would be performing a special stage as well. Others like Epik High, SG Wannabe, Super Junior, SNSD, FT Island, Younha, Bae Seul Gi, Choi Jung Chul, Lee Ki Chan, Wheesung, Eru, Yangpa, Baek Ji Young and Lee Sooyoung are also expected to appear in this final Music Bank episode of the year.


8 thoughts on “Hye Sung to miss KBS Music Bank year-end special due to illness

  1. music bank is just over, heard that it was awesome, can’t wait for links to appear later in the night….

  2. aw…nice of you to put this up coolsmurf. hope he feels better.

    on a sidenote, i’m reeeally looking forward to this year-end Music Bank (of course seeing WG is a priority) 🙂

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