Park Jin Young defends Wonder Girls singing ability

Park Jin Young with regards to criticism of whether Wonder Girls can actually sing, defended them when quizzed about this during a variety show recording.

On MBC’s variety show, Golden Fishery – Radio Star segment, Park Jin Young was asked by MC Kang Ho Dong regarding Wonder Girls singing ability. He defended them by expressing, “I asked them not to sing too well on purpose.”

He added, “Tell Me is a retro song so we must let people feel like they are back in the 80s. Madonna, etc when they debuted in the 80s, they also pretended not to sing very well although they could. This song (Tell Me) is pretty similar to songs in that era.” He added, “So it’s not that they don’t sing well.”

He was also asked because of Wonder Girls & So Nyeo Shi Dae, there was a certain rivalry brewing between him and Lee Soo Man (SM Entertainment boss). If he (Park Jin Young) was Lee Soo Man, would he do things his way instead of what Lee Soo Man is presently doing to groom them? In reply to this, Park Jin Young said, “Our styles are just different.”


3 thoughts on “Park Jin Young defends Wonder Girls singing ability

  1. hmm…i don’t know why they have to “dumb down” their singing though.

    anyhow, i heard other songs where their vocals are much stronger.

    sun ye and ye eun are real standouts.

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