Wonder Girls Ee Babo Music Video Version 2

After some less than favourable comments which led to speculation that that was why the first version was removed from JYPtv Youtube Channel, they have swiftly released a second version of Ee Babo music video on Christmas Eve.

If you were expecting something different, well it’s a big fat NO! But it’s a marked improvement from the previous and uses the same concept of movie scenes featuring mainly So Hee, their “Ee Babo” performance on Mnet! Countdown and behind the scenes Wonder Girls footage. More consistent music video with snappier cuts and somehow just complements the music better.


5 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Ee Babo Music Video Version 2

  1. No i do not think JYP is Running low on funds he gets checks from past Rain albums and his own plus he gets cuts every time the wonder girls do a performance and we know that they do a lot of performance so he could not be running low on funds unless he is using that money to get ready for min g-soul debut in america next year

  2. I heard a rumor that JYP is running low on funds due to, among other things, Rain’s departure.

    Is this true? Could it be a reason why he can’t do full-on promotion and MVs like bigger corporations *cough*SM*cough*?

  3. T___T i was still expecting some thing better produced… oh wells~

    i think they’re going all out for sohee’s movie. i hope it’s a success!

  4. I agree, this version is a lot better. The clips of the performance was a huge improvement. Wow… I know So Hee’s the main one they’re trying to promote with this album, but she is getting A LOT of attention… So Hee’s bangs look so cute! ^^

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