Wonder Girls plans to conquer Asia in March 2008

Wonder Girls plans to spread their wonder to rest of Asia in March 2008.

Wonder Girls will be holding fan meetings and some small showcases in Japan, China, Thailand etc if everything goes well. Since releasing their CD Single and Album in 2007, Wonder Girls has been busy promoting themselves in Korea whilst at the same time making arrangements with overseas organisers for future events. They are preparing the use the earlier part of 2008 to visit various countries in Asia to promote themselves.

The Wonder Girls who released their album in November 2007 in Thailand, managed to oust Britney Spears & Alicia Keys and gained the No.1 spot on the MTV Charts based on their album sales. Following this success, they are also planning to release their album in Japan, China in March 2008 and began their overseas promotion officially.

JYPE spokesperson replied, “We had lots of calls from overseas for Wonder Girls to appear in their countries, but we turned them down so that they could concentrate on promotion in Korea first.” After their successful debut on the MTV charts in Thailand, the Wonder Girls will be undergoing Thai and Japanese language classes to help prepare them for their overseas promotion.

Before that though, the Wonder Girls will be flying off to America to participate as guests for JYP’s “Bad Party” concert in New York, Los Angeles & 4 other cities. Before they embark on their overseas promotion, JYP hopes that Wonder Girls can accumulate some experience in America first.

Wonder Girls will be making their final appearances of the year on the three major television stations, year-end ceremony from December 29th – 31st for three consecutive days as we countdown 2007 and usher in the new year. 2008 promises to be as hectic as 2007 was for the Wonder Girls.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls plans to conquer Asia in March 2008

  1. “Tell Me” will take over the world! muahaha…lol

    – Agree 100% 😀

    That’s awesome.. I’ll be waiting for this.

    Too bad I’m in Philippines, and it’s pretty much western here. No kpop, jpop or cpop exposure around.

    I wish all the best for the Wonder Girls!
    I’ll pray for you everyday!

  2. i guess us koreans can’t be selfish and try to keep them all to ourselves 😀
    i just hope all the international travel doesn’t wear them too thin… they’re already overworked as it is T____T

    it’ll be interesting to see them try to speak thai and japanese!

  3. WAHHHHHHh In Thailand ?? omg I’m not there T_T
    They supposed to go there in July and I was there T________T

    Wah finally they’re going to BKK I mean Thai people are so crazy about Koreans things…
    Dbsk finished their concert of the year there it was the best lol Thai fans really have the power to cheer them 🙂

    This is so cute Wonder Girls taking Thai class it’s so unusual LOOOL

    Thank u so much for ur news !!

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