Wonder Girls – Ee Babo @ Music Bank 071221

This is a HQ rip that I re-encoded from a transport stream, my first time doing this! Another good performance without any faults that I noticed. Their costumes were all generally the same as all had a tint of red except for Sun Mi. Yoo Bin still has her wig. It was cute of Ye Eun to say “Merry Christmas” at the end to close out in view of the festive season, didn’t expect that!

Credits: musicbox + coolsmurf (re-encode + uploading) + ahboo (inspiration)

Part 1 (IU)
Part 2 (IU)
Part 3 (IU)

password: coolsmurf.wordpress.com

Please do not hijack the link and post it somewhere else, direct them here.


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls – Ee Babo @ Music Bank 071221

  1. ugh i hate to be nitpicky about such a nice HQ vid (because it really is very very large and HQ!!!)… but is it just my comp or is the vid like 1 sec off from the audio??? i can’t help but notice that the moves were just a tad off… anyone else experience this???

  2. Thanks! A good performance. I’m starting to like this song better than I did from the album, now that they’ve been performing it more often. ^_^

  3. after about 10 minutes of guessing and doing common spelling mistakes to figure out the password, i got it
    password: coolsmurf.wordpress.com

    only made logical sense after i couldnt get any of the others to work

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