Who will win the Battle of the Fools (Babo)?

There has been a lot of songs related to Babo (Fool) released by many singers recently and industry experts have billed this as the “Battle of the Fools” and predicts that the competition between them will get even fiercer.

Wonder Girls who have become an overnight sensation with “Tell Me” had released a follow-up song, “Ee Babo“. With all his Buzz members serving their national service, the only remaining one, Min Kyung Hoon has gone solo and released a song called, “Sad Fool“. Even Big Bang will have a track called, “Babo” from their album scheduled for release early next year.

Wonder Girls & Big Bang have enjoyed great success with their songs, “Tell Me” & “Lies” respectively and seen them got many No.1 on various music charts for a great number of weeks. Buzz song, “Love Controls the Heart” also stayed at the top of several charts for a long time last year so the battle between the owners of the “Babo” songs can be said to be evenly-matched.

So the battle between the recently released, Wonder Girls, “Ee Babo“, Min Kyung Hoon, “Sad Fool” and soon to be released, Big Bang, “Fool” is expected to develop into a fierce battle for position on the music charts. Something to look forward to in 2008!


5 thoughts on “Who will win the Battle of the Fools (Babo)?

  1. It’s off topic but I hope BB and WG do another special stage with Last Farewell and Ee Babo it would be awesome with the outfit haha

  2. Big Bang’s track is in their mini album Hot Issue which was released a few months back, not in an album yet to be released..:)

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