Stars do battle on Man Won Happiness Christmas Special

To produce the December 25th Christmas Special of Happy Shares Company, Man Won Happiness, the production team from MBC had created a poll on their website from a list of 16 groups, asking the netizens for their opinions on, “Challengers You Want to See Again in 2007”. Views from interviewing passer-bys on the streets were also taken into consideration.

 <— Sun Ye, Sun Mi, So Hee in past episode

The final four were Big Bang, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Park Hye Mi who will be divided into four groups and take part in the challenge decided by the production team and presented to the viewers.

In addition, the Christmas special will also reveal 10 moving and interesting scenes of stars who have taken part in Man Won Happiness over the past year. Definite not to be missed episode for hardcore fans of this variety program!


8 thoughts on “Stars do battle on Man Won Happiness Christmas Special

  1. unfortunately, it seems like this didn’t happen because some of them couldn’t make it due to conflicting schedules.

    i think they chose other people instead…minwoo, boom, kang soo jung and etc were some of them…

  2. this is kinda late but did they film this yet?
    lol they can just have big bang and wonder girls and park hyemi group together and go against super junior xD

  3. Wow! I am definitely a fan of the show. Hopefully I’ll get to see some clips on your channel like always. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the heads-up coolsmurf. ;D

  4. it means that suju, big bang, wonder girls and park hye mi will be on manwon haengbok?
    for suju.. is it all members? =P
    if it is .. so a must watch!(:
    when will it be aired?

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