Sun Ye, Sun Mi @ Finding Delicious TV 071222

It’s Sun Mi & Sun Ye couple again as they appeared on Finding Delicious program where you get to taste and eat good food for free. Just more of the same, Sun Ye’s smile and Sun Mi’s dorkiness expressions while tasting and getting fed with the food! Sun Mi also did an OMONA which can rival So Hee’s!

Credits: tortyserox + coolsmurf (cut+re-uploading) + ahboo (inspiration)

Part 1 (IU)
Part 2 (IU)

Please do not hijack the link and post it somewhere else, direct them here.

Youtube link courtesy of binaa2


12 thoughts on “Sun Ye, Sun Mi @ Finding Delicious TV 071222

  1. files gone…can you upload it please…i really like sunmi and want to watch her…i’m a bit slow in the kpop scene…mainly just wonder girls scene.

  2. love her dorkieness! she seem so funny and happy! that is what i like about her and her randomness the most! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Sunmi is soo pretty!
    and skinny!
    her facial expression is so cute<3
    her uhmuhnah is WAY cuter than sohee’s!!!

  4. Awwww, so cute! I love to see sun mi eat because she’s so damn skinny! What to call Sun Mi + Min Sun Ye Couple? Sun Ye Mi? Sun Sun couple? lol.

    Coolsmurf, would you mind if I posted this up on boo’s site and linked back to your blog? I think the readers would love this!

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