Yoo Bin to appear at event with Shinhwa member, Andy

Shinhwa member, Andy will have a fan meeting in Japan just before he releases his solo album. I have no idea whether the fan meeting that Yoo Bin will be appearing at is in Japan or Korea, the news is quite vague about this. If she gets to go to Japan, good for Yoo Bin!

This will be Andy’s first meeting with his fans by himself. Andy who has been busy with his musical recently has not stopped at working to develop his talent in many areas. There has also been many invitations from China & Japan to appear in events over there.

Andy will be performing a song from his digital single, “Irrelevant Imagination” in the fan meeting together with Wonder Girls member, Yoo Bin who raps for him in the song. This will be the first time that it is released in public so there’s a lot of anticipation for it. Clips of his debut musical, “Music in my heart” will be shown during the fan meeting as well. Andy’s schedule is pretty packed now and is currently busy with final preparations for his solo album debut in January 2008.

Irrelevant Imagination MV (no Yoo Bin in video, but she raps)


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