Wonder Girls & So Nyeo Shi Dae praises each other

Girls group Wonder Girls members, Sun Ye, Sun Mi and SNSD members, Yuri, Soo Young attracted a lot of attention from fans as the four of them attended a recording for KBS variety program, “Star Golden Bell”.

Soo Young expressed, “We often meet the Wonder Girls when we go for recordings and we have also appeared on the same stage before together (not performance wise). They are very friendly and are the best on stage. We really have to thank all of you for the support and making us both the most popular girl groups in the entertainment industry right now.” Sun Ye in reply, “Our dance moves are quite old-fashioned but their (SNSD) dance are cute and bubbly.”

The “Star Golden Bell” episode where both groups are represented will be shown this coming Saturday at 5:20pm (Korean time) on KBS.


6 thoughts on “Wonder Girls & So Nyeo Shi Dae praises each other

  1. its funny how Sooyoung says “thank you for making us both the most popular girl groups in the entertainment industry right now.” but Sunye says, “Our dance moves are quite old-fashioned but their (SNSD) dance are cute and bubbly.”

    at least we know who has humility..

  2. hero, you’re too much!! you learned their dances in 1 year, but WGs master them in the matter of weeks. WGs can sing too, they concentrate on dancing because they want to have fun on stage, give a good stage presence.. if you ears get infection from WGs’ singing then you should get ear transplants shouldn’t you? I bet you some SNSD members can’t sing too.. but in WGs, only So Hee doesn’t sing well and sometimes Sun Mi…

  3. okay…. whoever Yul is is stupid and probably has the brain of tofu! because if your a kpop fan then u would know tht snsd singing is better! snsd concentrates more on there singing than dancing why do u think there called songers than dancers! WG is more on there dancing but theres arent even hard to dance to i learned wonder girls dance in 1 year and i learned irony, tell me, stupid, and tell me! snsd they dance but whe the sing they stand still sometimes and so they can concentrate on singing! I lik snsd and WG… but more for SNSD bc they can sing and dont make me get an ear infection!!! SNSD HWAITING!

  4. Wonder girls is much better than SNSD.Dance,vocal,rap,behavior,all are better.In VN,SNSD is called silicon =))

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