Wonder Girls Ee Babo Music Video Version 1

This was actually released on JYPtv Youtube Channel a day ago but has since been removed. So is it official or not? Hope not.

For those expecting something impressive like storyline music video, they would either be super disappointed or like it. It’s like those secondary MVs that isn’t of much importance and it’s basically a mish-mash of So Hee movie scenes and behind the scenes of Wonder Girls fooling around. Either JYP doesn’t want to tire them out or spend money on making a mv for Ee Babo. This certainly gives a feeling that JYP is winding down on promoting the Wonder Girls in view of their upcoming hiatus in January and focusing on other projects.

Luckily there are Wonder Girls behind the scenes included, otherwise it would be just So Hee movie scenes and smacks of blatant advertising. I would be really turned off by that considering that the song, Ee Babo had a really good scope for an interesting MV concept.


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