Wonder Girls new look for “Ee Babo” unveiled @ Mnet Countdown!

200712061908291002_1-1.jpg picture by tokieda

The Wonder Girls appeared exactly the same as expected from their earlier released photos of their new image for their next song, “Ee Babo”. Photos were taken at this afternoon recording of Mnet Countdown! at 4pm.

Just finished watching their first live performance on Mnet Countdown! and it was pretty good, something different from “Tell Me”, boy do I miss that song. Their dance for “Ee Babo” had a certain cute tone to it, there were even some Hwang Jinyi movements in it. And watching that performance, the wig that Yoo Bin wore didn’t look as bad as on photos but must she really wear a wig? Yeh Eun and Sun Mi outfits were pretty awful and doesn’t do them justice. Sun Ye looks as great as always, loved her casual outfit. So Hee is the only one that manages to look cute and wearing a skirt.

Download a MQ version of their Ee Babo performance.

Here’s the Youtube link courtesy of ~ cherrie ~

Sun Ye also had a duet with mentor, JYP on the same show, her powerful vocals is very evident here, loved her voice…

Looking forward to their comeback stages on KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo soon…


5 thoughts on “Wonder Girls new look for “Ee Babo” unveiled @ Mnet Countdown!

  1. i think it’s because they get so little rest and so many activities daily that their voices suffer and it’s pretty obvious when you sing live. They are still quite newbies afterall.

  2. From all their songs… the only one i like, and very much, is tell me… the rest sound a bit odd to me.. some of them seem to have problems singing live and it’s been a year since they started with concerts…

  3. updated both videos. nothing can beat “Tell Me” for its infectious tune but “Ee Babo” is decent on its own.

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