Wonder Girls in Pink Christmas Outfits for Baskin Robbins + BTS video


Wonder Girls has managed to create a storm with their “Tell Me” in Korea despite having just debuted eight months ago. In a recent television commercial filming, Wonder Girls exhibited a new cute “baby fox” image which has got lots of attention from fans.

Wonder Girls were endorsing for Baskin Robbins ice cream and in the commercial just filmed recently, they played baby foxes who were enjoying their christmas party. You will also see them dancing to a modified christmas “Tell Me” jingle for the commercial and see their adorable foxy dance. The commercial is yet to be shown on television.

BTS of Wonder Girls filming ice-cream commercial


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls in Pink Christmas Outfits for Baskin Robbins + BTS video

  1. omg’ i’m with jessika and jessica i lovr the outfits were can i get one of my owen and love the songs so hot and tell me i lovethe wondergirls i’m going to follow u guys on your channel omg your like toally awsome i wish i can just meet u guys or hangout i am jus6t ombssed love u guys sooo muchhh my god just hi and have a wonder ful chrismas im saying that becuse its december 18,2010 happy holidays

  2. u lot look sexy in your outfits i could have a peace of them girls
    how hot can u get ??? no hotter than that
    lol this is all a joke from one of your m8tes
    ha ha ha u have got 2 find out who sent it .

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