“Tell Me” No.1 for seven consecutive weeks

393c88dd8f4e92e376c63811.jpg picture by Coolsmurf 

The influence that “Tell Me” has on Korea in the latter part of this year is showing no signs of slowing down. Wonder Girls have become “Hangul Yodongseng” (Korea’s little sisters) thanks to “Tell Me” while it’s popularity has cemented its position as the most famous hit in 2007. “Tell Me” has been No.1 on various music charts for seven consecutive weeks on average as of November 25th and is the only song this year in Korea to hold this record.

Wonder Girls had released their first album, “The Wonder Years” on September 13th and used the song “Tell Me” to promote their album. Besides “Tell Me” making them Korea’s little sisters, the feel and dance of the song has become a huge topic in Korea in this latter part of the year. The netizens have responded favourably on the internet with their various mimicking of the dance which has gradually become part of society. You can find all sorts of “Tell Me” dance on the internet nowadays like, army, police, farmers, ballet, air stewardess, etc.

Wonder Girls management company, JYP Entertainment expressed, “We never expected this song can become so popular and loved by people in such a short period of time at all.


2 thoughts on ““Tell Me” No.1 for seven consecutive weeks

  1. Yeah I live in the states and even I know many people in the USA that have heard of and enjoy the song. I mean if you look at Ahboo’s blog, which has increased in popularity dramatically after Tell Me came out, you can see that people all over the world love the WG as well.

    I think a large part of it is the MTV Wondergirls series that came out prior to Tell Me. You can’t help but really like the girls after watching that. After knowing the girls are as people, fans tend to overlook their weaknesses and really treat the WG as “Korea’s little sisters”. I think that this can only be a positive thing because it brings a lot of attention to how hard they work, and how excessively hard they may be working. In a recent interview, So Hee expressed her desire to take a break, and even though they just came out, there are signs that the strain may cause them to break. I think all WG fans would rather have a group that has a long career by taking breaks and enjoying themselves rather than a group that only flares brightly for a year or two and then fades away.

    Lastly (and obviously) the song itself is incredibly catchy and has a great choreography!

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